Welcome to Altrive Red Deer

Here at Altrive Red Deer Ltd we strive to breed bigger and better heads and have purchased the best stags we could find such as Everest and Zama (in partnership with Brock Deer). We use these along with our top home-bred velvet stag sires. A lot of emphasis is put on the dam line with some pedigrees having 8 generations of hinds breeding 2 year old stags cutting 4kg plus of velvet.

Breeding Objectives

At Altrive Red Deer we have a key set of underlying principles.


  • First Fawns to have a high weaning weight to give them a good start to life
  • Sire stags need a big spring of rib, Deep body, and Masculine head with a broad muzzle.
  • All signs of good constitution.
  • All Deer must have a quiet temperament.


Our Aim is always to increase velvet weights paid by weight but maintain style - a big round beam, correct tyne placement, and stylish bulb.


Our style of velvet with correct tyne placement grow to a more traditional type of head and we are concentrating on increasing points on top without detracting from our velvet style and round beam. Maintaining length between Trez Tyne and tops to avoid having to velvet stags early because bulbs are starting to knuckle.