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Altrive deer


Altrive Red Deer is a 160Ha fully deer fenced dedicated Velvet antler breeding farm on the outskirts of Riversdale, Southland. We fawn approximately 300 hinds, and keep 150 spikers, 150 2 year old and 60 3 year olds through for sale. We have two annual sales, a winter hind sale where in-fawn MA hinds are sold online, and the January sire stag, velveting stag and yearling hind sale which we host on farm.

A family business, here at Altrive we live and breathe Deer! Altrive is run by Geoff along with his son Andrew and his wife Samantha. Geoff took over the family sheep farm in 1979 which started as a registered Romney stud, then turning his hand to the growing Deer Industry. Andrew, growing up with the deer but also enjoying their recreational value enjoys working with the deer day to day, especially working with his bunch of three-year-old potential sale stags, and Samantha is a keen deer Veterinarian by trade and enjoys the animal health planning and implementation on farm.

Visit our sales page for information on our red deer sire stags and hind sales each year and to view previous catalogues.

Altrive Reed Deer

"All hinds and sires have been DNA profiled as well as all progeny since 2008."

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