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Alt 262-21 



262-21 at 2yr

Altrive 262-21 was used as a 2yr sire for our 2024 mating. At 7.5kg he’s got lots of grunt. By prophet son 80-15, 2nd place national velvet awards that we sold at auction for $75,000 in 2019. The prophet was supreme champion in 2013. This stag has four other embryo brothers which cut 5.6, 5.75,6.10 and 6.90kg.

Dam 67-17 was used as a donor in 2021, and we have used her daughter 172-19 as a donor as well. Her grand dam is our top hind 82-14 who is breeding phenomenally for Altrive.

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Alt 262-21

Progeny photos

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