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Alt 145-17 

145-17 at 3 year background removed.png

145-17 at 3 yr

Alt 145-17 

145-17 had near perfect velvet at 3 and 4yr but died after mating at 4yr.  He has an amazing pedigree and has his first 2yr sons are being velveted this year. He is an ET brother to Glaisnock, 16.75kg @ 5yr and 3 other brothers sold, one of which was auctioned for $28,000. Their dam 82-14 is an ET sister to sire 34-14 also with very nice velvet placed 5th as 3yr old and 4th as 4yr old in National Velvet awards. 82-14’s ET sister 77-14 had 3 sons sold in 2021. 

184-12 dam of the animals above born in 2014 by ET and then she had natural pregnancy to Everest and produced 177-14 who sold lot one in the 2018 sale for $40,000. 


Alt 145-17

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